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24/7 NOC Engineers Coverage

BEC's NOC is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As our client, there is no need to hire, train, or manage your own IT personnel. BEC will alert you to issues on your network and take action to resolve the problems.

BEC is committed to monitoring your network around the clock, ensuring that your networking infrastructure continuously performs at its peak. When an issue does occur on your network, BEC will locate the issue (Level 1- Respond Services) and, if you subscribe to our (Level 2 - Resolve Services), immediately start the troubleshooting process in order to correct the issue. BEC's goal is to address and resolve all issues long before our clients realize there is a problem.

BEC alerts you the moment an issue is detected with assets on your network. With our Level 1- Respond Service, our alert notifications allow your team more time to correct the failure. With our Level 2 - Resolve Services, we will troubleshoot and resolve your issues remotely.

BEC thrives to give you a complete peace of mind knowing that we are constantly monitoring assets on your network every minute of every day. Our clients no longer have to react to network issues and have the luxury of focusing on their businesses.


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