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With BEC's NOC solution, there is no hardware to purchase, no software to configure & maintain, and no staff to hire & train. BEC does it all for a low monthly fee. Network outages can cause a significant amount of downtime, loss of employee productivity, and are very costly. BEC's goal is to proactively monitor the health of assets connected to your network to prevent outages from occurring.

BEC's NOC Solution


In-house Solution

No Upfront Investment

BEC is licensed according to the number of assets we monitor on your network. Our fees are all-inclusive of hardware, software, system administration, and maintenance.


Substantial Upfront Investment

In-house solutions require a significant investment in equipment and trained personnel to develop and deploy a monitoring platform.

Rapid Installation

Once a site survey is completed, monitoring of your network usually begins a week or two later.


Lengthy Development

Minimum 3 months or more to scope, develop, implement, test, and release to production.

BEC's NOC is Staffed 24x7

A highly experienced and certified staff that provides network monitoring around the clock.


Human Resource (HR) Overhead

3 shifts of dedicated in-house personnel to hire, train, and manage.

Effortless Deployment

A turn-key solution. All maintenance and system administration are performed by BEC's personnel.


Endless Coordination

Procurement of hardware and monitoring software. Also must search through logs of network devices and maintain monitoring schedules.


BEC constantly releases updates and improvements to our monitoring platform.


Implementation Strategy

Staff dedicated to creating, testing, deploying, and troubleshooting software.

Customized Asset Reporting

BEC creates customized and standard reports that inform our clients of the health of their networks.


Restricted Asset Reporting

Limited ability to produce the data needed that will be most useful for the situation at hand.

Faster and Less Expensive

BEC's NOC solution delivers countless features and enhancements at a very competitive price.


Overhead Resources

Additional time, money, and personnel are required to perform even basic functionality.


Why Outsource Network Operations Center (NOC) Services to BEC Technology Consultants, LLC?






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