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  • Proactive Notification: In our NOC, certified engineers monitor our clients’ services and the status of assets attached to their networks. When our NOC engineers observe an issue, clients are proactively notified with an explanation of the issue and how it’s being addressed. A key indicator of our proactive approach is the fact that our NOC places more than three times the number of outbound calls to our clients and vendors than we receive.
  • Direct Access to Engineers: In our NOC, we route issues to certified engineers who assume immediate responsibility for all tickets – not just the most critical ones. The result is that 95% of all issues are resolved by the engineer who receives our client’s request and initiates the trouble ticket.
  • Technical Expertise: We believe the link between commitment to performance and execution is extensive Information Technology (IT) education and training. Our highly-trained NOC team members carry a variety of key certifications. We ensure our NOC team members hold superior technical expertise in network configuration, design, security, and maintenance as well as the ability to sustain and troubleshoot service provider's connections.



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